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Great news for me today, I received a promotion to Senior Program Manger.  My responsibilities are not changing but it is a recognition of the work I’ve done for CME Group and continue to do.

Finish Line for CME Group CDS clearing solutions.  The bank that I was tasked with ‘onboarding’ crossed the finish line and cleared trades.  Feels great to have a been called to duty by the CME management team onto the front lines to help CME Group and the CDS Dealers meet this important goal of bringing [...]

Additional heavy hitters coming onboard at CME Clearing Europe.  Things are comming along nicely in my absence. Article http://news.moneycentral.msn.com/ticker/article.aspx?Feed=PR&Date=20091207&ID=10840567&Symbol=CME

I’ve been drafted!  I’ve been asked to step away from our European Clearing initiative to help out on our very important US CDS effort.  I’ve been asked to join the front lines and be responsible for getting a dealer (or clearing member in future lingo) completely on boarding and ready for clearing CDS contracts in [...]

I spent two weeks on the ground at the NYMEX trading floor assisting the migration of the clearing system used by the members.  While I wasn’t responsible for the migration of the system, I quickly became involved as the migration wasn’t smooth and their were significant challenges with the trading floor populations’ utilization of the [...]

My new program involves starting a FSA Recognized Clearing House (RCH) for CME Group.  I’m working with every major business department, IT development staff, and an IT Project Manager to align the organization to start, get approval, and support a London based clearing house offering clearing services for CDS contracts.  Andrew Lamb has been brought [...]

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